The Police Chief and the Barker Gang

The roll-call of Public Enemies has long been missing one important name. Alvin Karpis, Fred Barker, Doc Barker and John Dilinger are now joined by “Big Tom” Brown.

A gangster who was also chief of police, Brown was a secret partner of some of the most notorious criminals of the 1930s. Brown’s hidden role in the kidnappings, bank robberies and murders of the Public Enemies era is fully explored for the first time.

The story is illustrated with more than 30 photos, many never before published.

Read on: Small town, big crimes.

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FINALLY, some one writes a book that does the stories justice!
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... a riveting account of a criminal scene that operated in the Twin Cities and beyond with full knowledge of the police department. Full review at MinnPost

Mahoney zeroes in on the St. Paul cop behind the most notorious and terrifying crimes.

"If ever a guy was “in cahoots,” it was St. Paul Police Chief Tom Brown. He was in cahoots with Al Karpis, Ma Barker and sons. In cahoots with John Dillinger and his gang ...."

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